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El Paso DMA

Reach and engage the predominantly Hispanic market on both sides
of the Texas/Mexico border using the Power of Televisa




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El Paso DMA

The El Paso DMA is a unique border market with the majority of its working and spending population located across the border Juárez, Mx. El Paso serves as the epicenter to a population of a 3.8 million people, forming the largest bilingual and binational workforce in the Western Hemisphere called the Bordeplex Region. The Bordeplex region is a comparable size to San Antonio, TX. Our relevant advertising audience living and spending in this DMA are both sides of the border. No other station in this market gives you the audience size that Televisa does on both sections of our border DMA.

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of Latinas say a woman is the primary shopper in their households, controlling the majority of the current $1.2 Trillion Hispanic buying power

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Starchannel can help design a targeted Hispanic marketing plan along the border across multiple border markets. With over 30 years experience in harnessing the power of the Hispanic Consumer, Starchannel can optimize your market presence through spot buys, sponsorships, customized cross-marketing opportunities that resonate with our Hispanic audience.

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