Star Channel

Beyond the Border

Reach into Mexico and build your brand using the Starchannel network of Televisa products. Coordinate multiple markets and campaigns with a single contact. Save time and simplify your television advertising campaign management with the Team at Starchannel Communications.

Starchannel offers a streamlined solution for advertisers looking to reach key population centers in Mexico through television advertising.

Television advertising in key population centers in Mexico has never been easier. Starchannel delivers a single phone call solution to multi-market campaign coordination, US- compliant invoicing and commercial run verification, and billing in US dollars. With over 25 years’ experience with Televisa in Mexico, Starchannel offers market knowledge with our long relationship directly with Televisa to offer aggressive solutions to television audience penetration in Mexico.

The team at Starchannel knows Hispanic Markets. Our ability to tackle the coordination of placing and verifying campaigns run in Mexico simplifies the process for advertisers seeking to enter the Mexican market. With over 25 years of experience and a strong relationship with Televisa, Starchannel is well-positioned to offer competitive solutions for maximizing television audience penetration in Mexico.