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Hispanic Targeting Beyond Television

Maximize your brand’s exposure and engagement with Hispanic targeted CTV, Mobile, and Native Programmatic digital campaigns.

Learn to integrate Connected TV and Hispanic targeted digital platforms with your TV campaign. Give us a call today.

At StarChannel, we understand that successful marketing in the Hispanic community requires a deep understanding of cultural nuances, language, and behavior. Our Hispanic Digital Solutions are designed to bridge the gap and empower your brand to connect with this vibrant and diverse audience in a meaningful way.

The Televisa Family of Digital and Streaming Products

Harness the power of digital marketing’s incredible audience targeting throughout Mexico and along the US/Mexico border using the family of Televisa digital products. Combine the geographic targeting with consumers’ habits and interests using the most powerful digital platforms in Mexico such as Vix, TUDN, Sky, and izzi.. Needing More? With the Televisa cable and satellite service platforms, we can drive campaigns anywhere in Mexico and insert ads through Televisa’s family of cable service providers.

Ready to optimize your Hispanic Marketing Campaign across the Televisa family of networks and platforms?

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